Some Options for Independent Film Distribution

What would you think when after completing your film and getting  in touched with almost all of the producer’s rep and independent film distributor on the globe,  none of them is getting your film.  Will you stop promoting and endorsing your film?  Don’t!  …. Completing your film is a hard won goal so do not let your film suffer in the ledge for a long time.

I have read an article on net that identifies simple tips for independent film distribution.  It discusses just two things, the film festival approach  and  the distributor approach.

Film Festivals Approach– Presenting  your film to film festivals  could be  an effective  way of obtaining publicity on your film. Festivals are reasonably inexpensive and if you luckily make it to the festival, you gain instantaneous media that will enable you to join the festival, thus, having a great chance to establish networking as you get to meet Executives and critics and therefore a great opportunity for your film to be purchased.  Yet, don’t hop on the initial offer.  Share opinions and views with your co-filmmakers and think about your options as there maybe another better options.

DVD Distributors Approach: If you want your film to be in DVD, you must go directly to the distributor.  The best thing to do is find a reputable or reliable companies that will be able to release your film.  Identify a company that suits the kind of film you are creating which means that if you are producing a sci-fi film, search for a distributor whose forte is distributing sci-fi film as they  will apparently  release your trailer along with other releases.  The next thing is you have to write an email to your contact as email can be the best way to connect a trailer to your film thus making the purchaser or the customer to just click and watch but don’t be discouraged if you received no reply.  Just be understanding and stay optimistic about your film.  The article also mentioned a good site for film DVD buyers.

Wish you all the best in procuring independent film distribution for your film.